Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to our corner of the industry – a small family-owned company rooted in the heart of central California since 1986. Throughout the twists and turns of both the local and national economy, our dedication has stood strong, marking us as a reliable constant in a changing world.

In 1996, a new chapter began as we embarked on the flatbed trucking venture, driven by a goal to provide more services to our customers and streamline their logistics. Oversize and over-dimensional loads are where we shine, showcasing our expertise. With every load we hauled, we’ve built our reputation as a trustworthy partner in transportation. Fueled by a commitment to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs, in November 2001, we celebrated the launch of our warehouse services and over the years have continued to expand. Today, we provide nationwide and international long-haul trucking services, connecting destinations with 13 strategically located warehouse and yard storage facilities in Stockton, California.

Our dedication to excellence, reliability, and adaptability is the foundation of what drives us forward to effectively fulfill the unique supply chain requirements of each and every one of our customers.


Always in it for the long haul,


-The Ramsey Xpress Team

Why Ramsey Xpress?

Our Tried
and True

Warehousing and logistics teams that deliver a superior level of service, ensuring customers have the best possible experience.

Oversee a secure work environment, implement best practices, and prioritize the well-being of our team and partners.

Offer effective strategies and solutions to overcome challenges and achieve successful results.

Guaranteed streamlined operations, cost-saving strategies and timely deliveries, demonstrating our dedication to optimal performance.

Meticulous attention to detail so each item is handled with the same quality care that a customer would extend to their own property.

“Service is what we sell, so we sell the best!”D. Ramsey

Looking for a complete end-to-end solution
or need to fill some gaps in your supply chain?

Ramsey Xpress has you covered.